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[Help needed] Giving my spine a material

Thank you for the great curvy asset!

I would like to know how I can visualize my spline using a material. 

One way: Select a spline and use Add->Generator from the toolbar to add a Curvy Generator. Right click->Add Template->Shape Extrusion, then connect the path module created first to the "Shape extrusion" module. The 2nd Input Spline Path module can be deleted then.

There's a basic CG tutorial here!
Thank you for your relpy.

I am figuring the controller panel out, this asset seems to be super powerful.

I got a NullReferenceException while trying to Save Mesh asset on the create mesh panel, any ideas ?

UPDATE: I am not sure what I did wrong but the error is no longer there and I can succesfully export the mesh.

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