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City Simulation
Can you include in Curvy example not only for train-like cars, but for roadnetwork? For example we have on scene city with eight quartals and roads between looks line New-York road network with crossroads and traffic lights. Like a Train, for example for Tramvay or Metro, but with stop on bus stops for bus and random crossroads.

Second example - in space spaceship should move on spline... than we need elementary script "Fly to target by dynamic Curvy spline" i.e. orbital fly but target to another spaceship, planet or station i.e. spline should dynamically changed by fly mission, and for example if ship fly to obstacle, we need to autopilot change spline (random of 4-side or raycast) to try avoid obstacle and continue fly on Curvy spline path. We need example.

Or maybe provide some solution with simple example scene. It real tasks, many developers search for solution and hope to update Curvy.

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