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Placing objects equally apart - Volume Spot
Hi, Love Curvy so far.

Question 1:
I'm placing some objects, offset from a spline using the volume spots node. The objects are space using the space before and after settings but as they go round a curve, the distance between them is different causing gaps or overlap. Is there a way to ensure the spacing consistently?

Question 2:
Is there a way to vary the thickness of a spline as it goes along a path?

Question 3 (last one : D):
I wondered if there was any news on when mesh deformation along a spline was coming? We've got a case where we have some Racing barriers modelled up which could benefit from being deformed from one of the existing splines in the scene.

Hi Pete,

Q1: That shouldn't happen and I never came across such an issue, so I guess it must be a wrong setting. Try using only SpaceBefore or SpaceAfter. Also, check rasterization (easiest is to add a debug module and visualize the points). Perhaps the spline results into too less rasterization points (or is very small?). If you see nothing strange, consider sending me a repo scene by mail.

Q2: If you mean thickness of the extrusion, then you can alter the scale in the Extrusion module.

Q3: No news yet, sorry. But working conditions will get far better this spring - we're moving and I'll get my dedicated office back...
In regards to Q1, I've found that it's taking into consideration the bounds of the GameObject (GO) you're using. So if you have a GO that is a cube of 1mx1mx1m with it's pivot in the centre, and you tell the GO to space along the spline 1m before and after each GO, the gap between the pivots of the GOs will be 3m

0.5m from the pivot then 2 x 1m, and then another 0.5m to the next GO pivot.
Hey Gazoid and Jake.

Thanks for getting back regarding my questions. To avoid confusion I'll keep the formatting from the first post:

Q1: So this seems to happen on the example projects slightly too but the repro I created makes it more clear.

[Image: 84bffbb1d8.png]

You can see the pinching of the barrier object on the inside of the bend.

Repro project <- Open this guy up in 5.5.0p4 or above reimport the Curvy plugin (not included for obvious reasons).

Q2: Found what you described, does what I was looking for : )

Q3: That's cool to hear. I look forward to seeing it in of the future updates.

I didn't realise I could host the files on here too, so just in case that file host becomes duff, I've attached it below.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 208.73 KB / Downloads: 1)
Hey, took a look and the issue is coming from the offset. The objects are equally spaced along the spline but because they're being offset they get bunched up.

You could either place two sets of Volume Spot GOs with ranges that stop at the middle of the curve either side, or draw a separate spline along the inside of the corner and use that instead with no offset.

You'll have the opposite issue on the outer bend mind.

Another approach would be to draw the barriers as part of the road spline with a shape extrusion mesh.

If Jake could make a "take offset into calculation" bool in the volume spot node that calculated based on the offset that would be perfect, otherwise you'll have to compromise (as far as I know at this stage).

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