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Assign Input Spline Path to Generator at Runtime?
Hi there,

I am attempting to instantiate a Curvy Generator at runtime and assign an existing Spline in the scene as the Input Spline Path.  I'm having tremendous trouble  making this happen.  Once the Generator is instantiated from a prefab, it's child object "Input Spline Path" asks me to create or assign a spline.  This is where I get stuck.  I can't figure out how to do this, and I've tried everything!  Please advise.  I've attached a screenshot as well.  

Thanks so much!


Hey Jake... any tips on this?
InputSplinePath has a Spline property you can set at runtime:

var isp = MyCG.GetModule<InputSplinePath>("InputSplinePath",true); // or get reference to module component otherwise
This code fragment isn't working in Unity 2017.1.0f3. GetModule returns null even though it does exist in the scene.
Have a look into the 51_InfiniteTrack example. The InfiniteTrack script does the same you want, but it stores the reference to the input module on creation. The only reason for GetModule to fail I see is that the module name is wrong.

Does FindModules<InputSplinePath>(true) return something?

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