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Infinite Runner Spawning Assets

I have a question about spawning objects on top of curvy's generated mesh. Before I continue I just wanted to say Curvy is an excellent tool! I am now able to do things that I did not think possible previously. Right now Im using the infinite runner example you provided and I have made some modifications to suit me needs. One thing I would like to do is spawn meshes (trees, rocks, buches ect) on top of the generated mesh at certian points. for example I would like to spawn coins 1 unit above the path of the player traveling across the spline but  environment assets to the sides. I drew up an example of what I am trying to accomplish:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=96]

I wanted to get an opinion on the best/optimized approach this functionality. The primary issue is that it needs to be random( not repeated in same areas) but constrained to fixed areas (Don't want trees spawning in direct path to player, and don't want spawning underneath level lol). Any type of help would go a long way, Thank You!

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