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pre-buy questions
since it is in madness sale, I would like to buy this package, that I put on my preferred one.

1) Mainly I develop for UWP platform. Does it works without any issue or limitations?

2) I'm delveloping a slot-car game. I alredy have a working engine but I'm open to test other solutions, like Curvy. Each track is a graph where each segment is a list of points. May I use this data set with curvy? Linking "splines" togheter so that the car can move along the graph, changing the path on demand when a split point is reached?
How does it works with rigidbody? In my case I have a car with a paddle in the middle of the front wheels, and it should be this paddle to follow the spline and forcibg the car to stay inside the slot, but the car should remain free to rotate around the y axis, and with physic enabled. Also colliding with other cars accordingly. May Curvy handle this scenario? I saw the train vagon demo.. And it was impressive, but I dont know how it was done under the hood.

Hi Christiano,

1.) Curvy is completely UWP compatible and there aren't any issues we're aware of.
2.a) You can connect splines and your controllers get a callback when a connection (or control point in general) is reached.
2.b) The train example uses SplineControllers for both the wheel axis and the waggon.

In short, Curvy doesn't have an official rigidbody controller. The reason is that we don't think it's possible to provide one that works well for most scenarios. There are way too much options how a rigidbody should interact with splines, scenery and other objects. Instead of a readymade controller we added some example custom controllers that showcase ways of handling splines and we took care that controllers are easily extendable. So you inherit your own controller from the builtin ones, override one or more methods and make them work the way you like.

In general, Curvy controllers work by advancing on a spline (or a Curvy Generator path/volume), get the corresponding position, tangent(direction) and up-vector and apply that to their GameObject's transform. So for rigidbodies several solutions are possible, e.g.

- Separate your RB object from the controller and drag the RB towards the controller or apply force to it's location
- Like above, but use joints
- Don't use a SplineController at all, but instead use Curvy API directly to find the nearest spline position to your RB and then use curve data to modify your RB's physics.

Hope that helps,

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