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"Keep Aspect" in Volume Mesh CG module does nothing
I'm trying to feed some information about my spline to a shader that does certain things based on the length of the spline. It seems like the module is trying to do some aspect correction even though I don't want it to. It seems like the "Keep Aspect" control doesn't do anything anymore. I searched the source code from CGMaterialSettings' KeepAspect property and isn't referenced anywhere in the Volume Mesh module. There is a commented out block of code in CGClasses.cs (lines 877-905) where it appears it used to work. Basically, I don't want the AspectCorrection that the CalculateAspectCorrection function there is giving and I have no way to turn it off.

My shader takes the length of the spline and uses it with the UV's y coordinate to understand where along the spline the fragment is, but since there is an arbitrary scaling factor from the aspect correction that I can't easily access, it makes it really difficult for me to implement my effect. I don't really want to start hacking into CurvySpline source code, but I'd like a solution so that I can disable the aspect correction as it appears I once would have been able to do.
Indeed, you're right. This is fixed in 2.1!
that's good news. what's the expected release date for 2.1?
very soon ™, depends on Assetstore approval speed...
Cool... any chance we might see some documentation of DevTools? I'd really like to make more use of it...
Uh, oh, yes, in a perfect world....until that I recommend learning from the sources. CG modules and Curvy inspectors showcase almost all relevant parts. For advanced stuff like nested custom arrays etc. you'd like to check the VolumeSpots module or other complex UI components.

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