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Basic Event Question
Hi there,

I'm just getting started with this (wonderful) tool and seem to be having some trouble with a basic understanding of the event system.  When I create a CP event, it tells me that I need to define a receiver, but I don't see a field in which to do so.  What am I missing here?  Here's a screenshot of the error in question.  Thanks!

[Image: fa45cd_2da01643a28d432796a32863ff00c44c.png]
You're trying to call a method "Hello World" that obviously isn't existing. You'll need to execute a method that is existing. Curvy events work exactly like other UnityEvents (e.g. a uGUI button press event). See CurvyDefaultEventHandler.cs for some example methods, perhaps attach that script and bind one of it's methods to an event.

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