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placing items with Volume Spots
I'm trying to use Curvy Generator for item placement along my splines and figuring out if the built-in modules can do what I want or if I need to write some custom ones.

I'd like to be able to place groups of Game Objects with varying numbers at different points along the spline (with varying height). As far as I understand so far, I'd need a separate Volume Spots module for each group because the range is in the general tab and it'd be preferable for me to be able to set the range per group so I can choose where to start the group and how many items per group.

Using this method, the numberĀ items ends up in my group is determined by a combination of the span of the range and the Space Before / Space After params of the group itself.

This doesn't seem like an ideal workflow for placing specific groupings of items. Am I missing something about Volume Spots or am I better of writing a simple module that suits my needs?
You'll have to use multiple Volume Spots modules, one for each range. If that isn't an option, a custom module would be more suitable.

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