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Suggestion for an additional example
Your tutorials are excellent, and I'm working my way through them now. I was also browsing the examples, which again are quite well done and very realistic use-cases.

I'd like to address one thing that was confusing to me, where I think there might be a gap between your simpler examples and the advanced ones. I wanted to use an existing spline and simply replicate a prefab along its length at intervals. No extruded shape, no UV mapping, no random list of GameObjects to choose at each point. I did get that working by dissecting your railroad example, but there is so much node complexity there it was a little hard to figure out the minimum node set to do this.

My suggestion is to add a very simple Generator example with only a replicated prefab along a spline.

Again, this is a very minor suggestion amidst tutorials that are overall extremely good. Thank you for those!
Yeah, good idea. I'll add that.
(04-13-2016, 06:46 PM)Jake Wrote: Yeah, good idea. I'll add that.

Thanks! BTW, I'm loving Curvy so far. Extremely powerful tool, and I haven't found anything yet that I want to do that it can't do. Nontrivial learning curve for the advanced features, but totally worth the effort!
Thinking about this, alongside the other thread (null pointer in the starship demo scene), I think another way to fulfill this would be to simply break down the railroad scene in a modular tutorial. That scene, complicated though it is, illustrates a large number of concepts. It's a great demo, just hard for a Curvy novice to dissect when examined as a whole.

I'm not sure how exactly to segment the tutorial, so I may be suggesting the impossible. The Unity "training day" projects at Unite provide copies of the exact same demo scene at varying levels of completion, from early stage scaffolding through the finished project. That method may or may not be helpful here.

Anyway, there are my thoughts, worth exactly what you paid for them (zero). :-) I appreciate the challenge of creating good documentation and tutorials.
Hello, all. I never got around to thanking you for the extra examples added in newer versions of Curvy. My review on the Asset Store was already five stars for Curvy's capabilities, but I've updated it to reflect the easier learning curve. Thanks!

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