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Import options
Hi @all from a newbe and a question:

I stumbled over curvy in the Terrain Composer form so I have no real know how.

Here the question:

Are there any Import Options within Curvy? In the meaning of i.e: can I use a spline or line or something generated anywhere else (i.e. in blender) and then imported to unity?

Thanks for time and Patience
Not yet, but it's planned. We're looking for people being able to write export scripts/plugins for all major 3D packages (Blender, Max, Maya at least). The importing part is the easy one...
Thanks for the reply Jake,

I´am sorry I would help but programming skills are very limited ... .-(
Are there any options to use splines/lines created elsewhere i.e. imported with Map-it or must, right now, each spline/line be creadted within curvy?

You'll have to write your own importer, see this thread for some ideas.

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