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How to build a routing map with curvy?
Hi all,

I'm a newbie in learning unity.

I want to build a car routing map system to simulate real factory. My map file is like this picture.

[Image: 6631442699169921737.jpg]

Can you teach me how to build world map in unity with curvy2.02 and how to move the object from A point(any point on map) to B point (another point on the map) with a best path.

Thanks for all the support.

Best Wishes,


come from PRC.

Can I use navmesh,A star path finding or other path finding algorithm on curvy2.02? may be curvy2.02 already have a best solution for the navigation algorithm.Thanks

Can I update the object postion by Input data which revc from Server program. Connect by TCP/IP or database?

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From what I know Curvy doesn't provide spline navigation. (perhaps in progress)
I would do some research at navmesh by unity. Create small path ways eg. 10cm width and place game objects as a target point.

The asset store provide some very clever asset about swarm and single object navmesh logics. eg:!/content/17943!/content/1876

If you wana realize with curvy and by your own, you need a lot programming experience.
A navigation system requires world quadrants an tree traversals
Good luck
(Henry Ford) Each hour more of searching is each hour less of your live time.

Unfortunately, pathfinding currently isn't integrated.

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