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Input Spline Path have a CP Range to or across Segment 0
I'm using a spline and need to draw a line along it that is usually two Control Points long. The default spline extrusion template for the Curvy Generator has worked admirably for this, but when I need the line to draw from a point to the 'end' (0), the the Input Spline Path component clears the "End CP" field and the line is drawn across the whole spline again. 

Basically what I need is the Input Spline Path to be able to draw from CPX to CP0. Is there something that I missed that will let me do that, or will I have to do a lot of awkward distance calculations to get what I need?
Limiting the range in the SplinePath module is the right way. Could you ensure that the range's EndCP is higher than the StartCP. Fields shouldn't get cleared then.
No, because I always want to draw the shorter distance. As the line loops around, it'll go from (for example) 15 -> 0 then 16 -> 1 then back to 0 -> 2.

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