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Seg.FollowUp2() field and more
Hi Jake,

as you wrote, Seg.SetFollowUp() in the DefaultEventHandler cause a Refresh(). It would be extremely handy to have a FollowUp2() field on a CurvySplineSegment.
It can be used to move a Spline Controller backward over a connection from where it has came from.

Another idea would be to add a CustomData class referenced in CurvySplineSegment and CurvyConnection.
Everyone can add its own data on requirement. 

What do you think?

Kind regards,

MetaData requires to add a several scrips and complex Interface mechanism to he corresponding SplineSegment and CP.
And for real, after some hours trying to understand Demo01 MetaData I do not understand this mechanism.
(Henry Ford) Each hour more of searching is each hour less of your live time.

Discussed by mail, but Metadata really is the way to go. If not wanted, a user can roll his own Metadata style classes and ignore Curvy-API to fetch it, then it comes down to writing own classes and access them somehow.

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