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Make cross 4 way
I need know how i can toggle the heading of control point in connection for make 4 way change direction on control point reached

? it's clear ?
If you move a SplineController over a connection. Then you have to add the DefaultEventHandler Script to the SplineController GameObject.
It's done in the Curvy Demo 03. On > Plane Controller game object. In the DefaultEventHandler (copy would be nice) you can see how to set .FollowUp Segment the SP will continue.

I stuck here also because I cannot set the new destination Segment.FollowUP (where the SP should drive) to the segment where it comes from. If you want to move back over the connection you already ran, then the segment has ANY UNWANTED direction.
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CurvySplineMoveEventArgs contains a method "Follow()" you should use to set a new path inside a OnControlPointReached event.

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