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Progress bar
Is it possible to use curvy for building 3d progress bar? I need to draw only part of generated mesh and control it dynamicly. In the old version (1.61) I used scale callback to hide mesh after marker (progress value), but it was too slow.
If you use a "classical" Shape Extrusion setup, changing Path's Length ("Extrude Shape" module) should be sufficient. For performance, disable "Optimize" - this is faster most of the time (but produces more vertices).
I think you meant Shape Extrusion->Path->Range. The problem of this approach that it rebuilds entire mesh every time. And the difference between different progress values is noticeable (especially on low resolution).

I will try to use advanced mode for scale and change the Y value dynamically to cut the mesh after current progress value. Do you have another ideas?
No, rebuilding a simple progress bar should be fast enough I think. To make the changes more fluent, lower MinDistance in the CurvyGenerator's inspector (assuming your steps needs to be smaller than that value in world units).

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