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Pre-sale question: prefab mesh deformation along spline
Pre-sale question.

Is it possible to instantiate a prefab along a spline. Say, I have one unit of a train track (custom made model, not a spline profile). Is it possible to instantiate it so they are deformed and connected along the spline?

For instance, using a piece of track like these:!/content/35648

(just one small rail element)

To create a curved and connected object like this:

Mesh deformation isn't in yet, but you can create the mesh using a Curvy Generator like we did in our rail examples you might have seen in the videos.

Is there any timeline on when this feature will be in? I sort of assumed that was what was meant by "mesh extrusion", since building meshes by hand using splines seems like... a not very efficient way to make a game, to say the least.

Ehm, with mesh deformation I've meant stretching/squeezing etc. given prefab meshes. Stuff like rails can be done with classic shape extrusion and poles, banks and other prefab models can be placed with the Curvy Generator as well. So yes, you can do railtracks with Curvy.
Ahh, cool, thanks!

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