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[Preferences] Create Curvy Splines at Position 0,0,0
Hi Jake,

today I tried laying some splines by a geo plan. The geo plan info based of absolute and relative positions.
I just move the cam to the required position and created some splines. Then simply move the Control Points to it's absolute world position based on the geo map.

Unfortunately all splines are created relative to the cam position x,y and z. For sure it's possible to remove the Spline Go to 0,0,0 and recalculate allĀ  Control Points by hand,
but that's a lot hand made work. And on mistake it must be done start again, or hoping that Unity does not trash the positions on Undo.

I would really love to have a preferences option to create a Spline strictly at position 0,0,0.
By creating a spline as usual, it will recalculate the origin to 0,0,0 and Control Points to it's real World Position.

(Henry Ford) Each hour more of searching is each hour less of your live time.

Have a look at the Pivot Wizard from the toolbox (API working similiar). It uses relative positions to set the pivot, but if you look up the source, you'll get the idea to create a method that does this with absolute values. Just turn that method into a toolbox button then.

Alternatively, create the spline at (0,0,0) before adding CP's.

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