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Can anyone confrim this as a bug?
Hi everyone,

I have to talked to jake about a bug in the Approximation, but it seems we have a different field of view in this case.

Shorty explained. I use transform.rotation = newSpline.GetOrientationFast(newTF); and is used internally the ApproximationT array.
The ApproximationT is the Tangent array that holds the cache points for the a Spline.

That bug occur only in the last (upper direction) segment of every spline and cause a visual jerk if another spline is connected.
Eg. if the ApproximationT.length =  9 (of the last segment) then ApproximationT[7] and ApproximationT[8] have exactly the same values and this is the fault.

You can watch this here in the video 3MB.

The Video shows a cube running over the last Segment. The Inspector the current tangent value on the right.
The cube move straight (in the last segment of the spline) from the previous to the last Approximation point (small grey cubes), then flips to next.
And here is the second bug unfortunately.

This array has a calculation fault at the end last segment. You can simply watch this by enabling the tangents of a spline too.
[Image: bug7.jpg]

The previous array index 7 (green) have the same direction like (black)  array index 8.

And Here here are the approximation values.
[Image: bug8.jpg]

Jake told me its not a bug. I think it is a bug (not by design and not by feature).

What do you think?

(Henry Ford) Each hour more of searching is each hour less of your live time.

Your post in our ticket system didn't stated clearly that you refer to connected splines, so I missed that when initially reading the ticket => corrected. And because there is a ticket, there's no need for this post...

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