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Windows Store Build

I want to use Curvy inside a Windows Store App. Imported Curvy into a new Unity 5.3.1 project On Windows 10 and it doesn't build (Phone 8.1/Universal 10). Unity comes with lot's of error's about namespaces and types it can't find.  

Will this be fixed? Smile

Kind regards,

I dived somewhat more into the framework. Really cool stuff.  Cool

I fixed the ThreadPoolWorker.cs implementation with a custom delegate that resides into the ThreadPoolWorker class. It is replacing the missing WaitCallback delegate.

public delegate void ThreadPoolWorkerCallback(object state);

I changed into the functions QueueWorkItem a line of code:

ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(HandleWorkItem, qc);

After that the compile errors about the ThreadPoolWorker class where gone. However, there are still lots of type errors to fix before I can do a runtime test on a Windows mobile device. 

We're aware of the problems with Universal builds and working on this. As you noticed that's not a simple task, but we already took some preparations, like moving DevTools from DLL to source.

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