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Generated Mesh normals flipped

So I am trying to learn how to use Curvy (2.0.2 + Unity3D 5.2.2) and I have managed to create a spline and Generate a mesh based on a second (input) spline.
The problem is, the mesh normals are inverted and I cannot seem to be able to flip them.
I have tried an option (checkbox) to invert the normals that I saw in the Generator but it does nothing. I assume it might be a bug but maybe I'm doing something wrong.
(I am now at work so I can only explain or detail from memory.)

Any suggestions on what I should check?

Ioan Marcu
Is the shape spline a custom one? Then try to flip direction (select the spline and hit "Flip" on the toolbar).
Yes, it is a custom one. I will try that as soon as I get home and post back the results. Thanks!
This solved the problem. Thank you!

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