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Touchscreen input - move camera/object along the spline
Before purchasing Curvy I want to ask if it`s possible to implement a feature I need, or maybe it`s already possible, by using your asset, to do what I need. What exactly I want to do? I need to move the camera, or an object in the scene along a spline/bezier curve/path by using finger gestures. The camera/object needs to move up and down along the spline, not based on a time line, but moving according to finger swipe (or click&mouse move on desktop) fro,m left to right or the other way around, from right to left depending on the swipe direction. I`m not sure if this can already be done inside Curvy, or it can be implemented, or it needs integration with another Unity asset, like InControl, Easy Touch or Finger Gestures. I have to mention that my main target platform is windows desktop, but I would love to have this working for any kind of touch screens too, mobile or not.
Also, I have to mention that I have no scripting knowledge, and a no scripting solution will be great, or using Playmaker actions will do too.
Thank you in advance for your time and answer.
Doing this will require a bit of scripting, I guess. You may get along with Curvy's PlayMaker actions as well, but in the end the FSM setup will be much more complicated than a few lines of code. But that's just my personal opinion.

I don't have much experience with finger gestures and the corresponding frameworks, but it looks like a two-step task: create the spline based on the swipe and then move an object along that spline. Both is possible with custom actions and builtin controllers, but I guess you would have to mess around with arrays in PlayMaker then etc...

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