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Curvy mesh and character collider question
Hi! I'm currently working on an Android game using Curvy:

Everything works great using the FollowSpline script, but I'm trying to change it so that a CharacterController runs along the Mesh collider for a new update, to make the game more challenging. However, on down slopes the character collider bounces and falls through the mesh. I think it's some kind of issue with how I set up the charactercontroller but I've tried changing every possible setting I can think of and nothing works.  Huh

Any tips on setting up character collider to work with a mesh collider using Curvy?  

Hm, the FollowSpline script is deprecated, you should use a SplineController (alternatively PathController or VolumeController). Did you used a CG generated mesh for your track?
Thanks for responding! I generated the mesh for the track (that the character controller falls through) with Curvy script Spine Path Mesh Builder. Using Curvy version 1.61 and Unity 4.6.5.

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