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I might have fixed a bug
I was trying to generate a spline in code and then connect the end to an existing spline but it only worked when the target CP didn't already have a Connection on it.

CurvySpline newSpline = CurvySpline.Create();
Vector3[] vec = new Vector3[4];
...add a couple of Vector3s
vec[3] = targetSpline.ControlPoints[index].transform.position;

newSpline .Add(vec);
newSpline .ControlPoints[3].ConnectTo(targetSpline.ControlPoints[index])

So I had a look at the  CurvySplineSegment class and in the ConnectTo Method I might have found the root of the problem:

else if (targetCP.Connection)
               con = targetCP.Connection;

If I'm not mistaken then the bolded line tries to connect the targetCP to itself.
Changing it to:
seems to fix it.
You're right, that's indeed a bug. Thanks a lot, will be fixed in 2.0.3!
Happy to help.

Is there an ETA for 2.0.3?
Next week!

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