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Interpolate not respecting CurvySpline translation
I have a CurvySpline with CurvySplineSegment nodes underneath it. If I leave the CurvySpline position at 0,0,0. The Interpolate() function gives me back precise position data where the spline shows.

If I put a translation in the position of the CurvySpline node, the interpolation is offset from the CurvySplineSegments by the translation amount. What am I doing wrong here?

My "work around", (which may just be the solution) is to add the SplineCurves translation to the result returned by Interpolate(). Then its correctly concatenated. I just was expecting the interpolation function to do this for me. If anyone knows of a "magic switch" that sets Curvy into this mode automatically, let me know.
Speaking of controllers, there is an option "Space" to use world mode.

But in general Curvy splines return local space coordinates. It's faster and most of time it's what you want. Just transform the results into world space! There is even a convenience method, see here!

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