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Understanding Curvy Generator
I'm trying to use Curvy Generator to create a mesh from a spline, but I really can't figure out how it works since I didn't find any tutorial.
What I did after opened Curvy Generator is:
  • Adding a Input Spline Path module
  • connecting it to a Shape Extrusion Module
  • connecting it to Volume Mesh module
  • connecting it to Create Mesh module
All connection are successful and after I selected the spline for the Input Spline Path module, its header became green. All other headers remain red though.

This is a screenshot of the situation.

What am I missing to generate a mesh and make it a standalone game object?

Yes, tutorials are pending...

You need a cross shape (InputSplineShape module) and plug it into the extrusion. Tip: Add the "Extrude Shape" template, it contains everything you need, just plug your spline into the path module then.

Another tip (in case you didn't read that in the docs): Hold Ctrl while dragging a link. On drop it opens a context menu with all modules that are valid for the current input type. This is the quickest way to build graphs from scratch.
Ok, I'm a step further. I selected a 3d/Rectangle shape but the "Save to scene" and "Save mesh asset" in the "Create Mesh" module are still grayed.
If they're grayed out, there isn't a mesh present. Hit Refresh from the toolbar or check the input (tip: enable debug output in the toolbar)

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