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Generating Paths at Runtime
I'm trying to upgrade my project to Curvy 2.0. I used the previous version of Curvy to generate a variable number of SplinePathMeshBuilders at runtime. I had a GameObject with a CurvySpline and a SplinePathMeshBuilder as a prefab, and I created an instance for each path I needed and then manipulated the points to match my scene. From reading the docs, I understand that I need to use the CurvyGenerator now.

Question 1: Do I create a CurvyGenerator object at runtime for every path I want? Or can I generate multiple paths from one?
Question 2: How do I create a flat extrusion? I'm working in 2D so I don't need a tube, and I've tried inserting a TRS Shape node after my Input Spline Shape to rotate it to flat but my results are not as expected. I started with the "ShapeExtrusion" template which seemed like a good start, but I can't seem to draw a textured 2D path. Image attached, with my Curvy 1 path on the left, and Curvy2 path on the right.

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I was able to get the 2D working by giving my shape 0 width. But I still want to know if I should be creating a CurvyGenerator for each one or if there is a better method.
There's not much overhead to a CG, so having three CG's extruding a path or having one extruding three paths doesn't make a big difference. Combining makes sense if they share same source splines, though.
They don't share source splines, so I'll make one for each path. Thanks!

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