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Cannot get graph to work
I am trying to get the graph to work. I started by copying the gos from the train example into my old scene and it worked for a while without further attention on my part. Suddenly all the connections in the graph got lost I cannot reconnect them. I hate graphs, please put inspector support in asap. This is really just a burden and a huge step backwards in usability. Is there a way to get the package of an earlier, working build?
The individual modules can be edited in the inspector, you'll need the graph only to create & link modules. And honestly, there is nothing better than graphs to manage complex setups. Can you think of ShaderForge just using inspectors? We're working on some tutorial videos for the CG, so perhaps give it a try again then. After all it's very streamlined and you can quickly create complex setups.

Anyways, if you send me your order number by mail, I can provide you a copy of the old Curvy 1.61, but it won't get updated anymore of course.
If links would work I could imagine its usefulness but in version 2.0.2 it simply does not. I have no experience working with ShaderForge, so I cannot comment on this.

I am now using the deprecated clone builder, which is easy to work with and works out-of-the-box.
We noticed disappearing links in an early dev version, but this bug is gone for ages. Is there any chance you can describe it in a reproducable way?

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