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Controlling the camera orientation
I want to keep the camera level to the ground for the first half of its path, the camera then rises about 40 meters above the ground and travels backward through the same set of points from that higher vantage point.  For that section of the curve I wish to pitch the camera down 90 degrees looking straight down at the ground.

I have accomplished the first part of this using orientation anchors set to a level orientation every 5 points or so that keep the camera level.  For the second half of the path I cannot seem to make the camera pitch downward.  I have tried changing the Eulers of orientation anchors so that they are pitched down.  This seems to have no effect.  What am I missing here or is this not the correct method to accomplish this?

dis-orientedly yours,
You should create a custom controller (create a class inherited from SplineController), then override ApplyTransformRotation() to add your custom orientation setup. Same goes with position using ApplyTransformPosition().

See for details.

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