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CurvySplineGroup trouble
Hi Everyone,

For our current project we've been making use of the CurvySplineGroup to string together the Splines of different road pieces to form one big spline 
which we can use for interpolation. This all worked perfectly in 1.61. However, today I tried upgrading to 2.0.1 and now this method doesn't seem valid anymore.
When I run the code now, the AI which is supposed to follow the spline just runs of somewhere and keeps going back and forth between several points that are nowhere near the actual spline.

Has the functionality changed drastically for CurvySplineGroup? And if so, what would be the new method of combining splines. 

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Already answered to your original mail...
I have same question, can you answer to me too?
Sure, the relevant parts:

Internally we're having a discussion how to continue with SplineGroups in general, because we see no real use cases any more, but many problems:

- new SplineController doesn't work with SplineGroups, instead it uses connected splines
- making them behave like single splines is getting more and more complicated (event handling etc...)
- new CG doesn't work with SplineGroups at all

They were primarly introduced to split very large splines, i.e. to counter performance issues. But new features (updated caching system, Orientation anchors) made SplineGroups more or less obsolet for performance reasons. I'm interested in your opinion about SplineGroups and what specifically you use them for, so feel free to tell me your opinion.

My advice to your scenario: when you add tiles, just join/attach the tile's splines to your "master" spline and use that instead of adding the new splines to a group. If you're using dynamic orientation, set Orientation anchors at the end of the master spline. By doing so Curvy doesn't need to recalculate orientation of the whole spline. I doubt you'll get any performance problems with 2.0 then.

You can work with SplineGroups like in 1.61, no big changes there. But please note: starting with 2.0 all positions returned by splines or splinegroups are spline's local positions, not global like in Curvy 1.

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