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Flipped tris a bug?
Hi guys, we have been using curvy to extrude line shaped meshes. Some times one or two tri's at a time are flipped around (see image). I am wondering if this is a bug? Note that all control points are on y 0 and the behaviour occurs with all options I have tried. I also added the unity 5.2.0f3 project.

Thanks, Bas

[Image: fjnxbn.jpg]

EDIT: Removed attachment! If you attach code, don't include Curvy source!

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That's most likely a bug. Please update to Curvy 2.0 and use either the Curvy Generator to create your meshes or the provided CurvyLineRenderer (which drives a regular LineRenderer component).
I just upgraded to 2.0.2 and Im still seeing this issue.
Do you use a Curvy Generator? SplinePathMeshBuilder didn't changed, but is deprecated now (same to SplinePathCloneBuilder, SplineWalker and several other components), see

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