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how to vary/change speed between control points or segments (Rollercoaster)?
how can I change the speed between each
segment of the spline, or
between control points, when i use the option RELATIVE the speed changes in some control points but i didnt find a way to control it, I'm developing a rollercoaster and should vary the speed according to the form of the structures and rails . can you please help me

thak you

my first idea: Store speed in Userdata and create a custom controller to set the speed from that data (much like the way I did in the UserData example).

Relative movement doesn't work for your scenario. Remember, relative means each segment is passed in the same time, independently from it's length.
ok thanks  ,  im going  to  mess arround with the controller,   [img]images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]

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