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Imported Curvy- game won't start
 I just bought Curvy and imported to my project, immediately got an exception that prevented me from running the game. I've attached pictures of the console log and the area of the offending script (Curvy/Editor/Toolbar/SplineSegmentToolbar.cs (158,71)). I originally imported the package to a 4.6 project, and aside from the aforementioned exception I could not find the Curvy option within the Create Hierarchy. I figured this might be due to unsupported changes to the Hierarchy in 4.6, so I reinstalled 4.5.2f1 and imported Curvy to a backup of my project- same issues. Is this a known issue? I'm worried that some unknown noobish I did in my project is breaking the script.



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I just double-checked and imported Curvy from the AssetStore into a fresh 4.6 project => No problems! And obviously there is a Plane constructor with three arguments:

Could it be that you have other code in your project that defines a class "Plane"? If yes, that's a bad idea as Plane is a builtin Unity class. If not I would guess your 4.6 install is somehow broken...
This worked, I had a script called "Plane" in an out of the way folder from when I was slightly more noobish. Thanks

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