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Tunnel Colliders and Looping Meshes

I recently started using Curvy Splines and I encountered two issues:

1. I created a looping spline and in the generator I set up multiple meshes that get deformed based on the Range values in the Input Spline Path. When placing the range from a specific control point to the last one, the mesh generator ignores that last control point and doesn't generate the mesh, instead it stops at the previous point as if the spline isn't looping. 

2. When creating a deformed tunnel using the splines that has a generated mesh collider, objects thrown while inside the tunnel act weirdly, as if the entire tunnel is a solid box collider.

I assume I'm doing something wrong so I'd love some input if possible!

1- I believe this issue is avoided by using the Range setting in the Rasterize Path module instead of the Range setting in the Input Spline Path module.
2- You should set the Convex setting to false in the Crate Mesh module.
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