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Can't get this to work [SOLVED]
I'm baffled. I can't seem to get this to work. I installed the asset and tried the FollwSpline example. The example works fine as-is, but if I simply follow the directions for my own spline, it doesn't work. The interesting thing is that I can even create a new cube and add the FollowSpline script to it and then assign an existing working spline to it and it doesn't move on the spline. Also, I can take an existing working cube and re-assign to a newly created spline and it doesn't follow that spline. The only thing I've noticed different is that the example splines actually render the curvy spline shape in-game, but the newly created curvy splines don't. And I can't find a setting anywhere to make mine show up in-game. Although, I hardly think that's the reason why they aren't working.

Any help would be appreciated. I am baffled as to why this isn't working.

Update. I just tried something else. I took an existing cube from the FollowSpline example and just duplicated it so it's now basically the same working cube on the same working slpine. But it doesn't work. Only the original cube follows the spline.

I now see where the splines can be rendered in the GLCurvy Renderer script, but still stuck on why the rest isn't working.
Update: I figured it out. Apparently, I have to add the object to follow the spline to the FollowSplineExamnpleConttroller Controllers array. The question is, then, why doesn't the quick start documentation state this is necessary?

After further review, the real reason this didn't work was because the Speed value was set to 0. The other example objects also had speed 0, but with the FollowSplineExampleController, it was setting their speed dynamically at runtime. I would have sworn I tried setting the speed earlier, but it didn't work. But I must have had something else wrong. Anyway, all is good now.


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