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ConnectTo - last control point of a Spline dosn't exists

how can i connect a spline control point to the last control point of a spline?

the target spline (spline2) has 4 control points and 3 segments, i want to connect anothers spline1 control point to the last one spline[3], but there are only 3 control points in the array [img]images/smilies/huh.gif[/img]

spline1[0].ConnectTo(spline2[3])    <-- spline2[3] dosn't exists, why not?

splines created at runtime...

thx for help, and sorry for my bad english....

I think i solved my problem, sorry for new thread Sad

spline1.ControlPoints[0].ConnectTo(spline2.ControlPoints[3])  works....

rtfm Wink


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