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Visual Studio solution integration
I've downloaded and added the Curvy Splines asset into my Unity project. It created a Plugin folder under Assets. What's the recommended way to add Curvy Splines to my generated Visual Studio solution? I'd rather not be compiling the Curvy Splines scripts whenever I want to build my own project.

Using a Visual Studio solution other than the one generated by Unity will be a pain since Unity is made with the assumption that you will use the auto-generated solution, but if you have valid reasons to use you own solution, then:

Make Curvy Splines generate its assembly definitions ( ). That way you will have two things generated by Unity:
1- VS projects for Curvy Splines and its dependencies, that you can find at your project's root folder.
2- dlls for Curvy Splines and its dependencies, that you can find somewhere in the Library forlder.
Use whatever makes sense for your use case.

I hope this helped.
Have a nice day.
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