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Control Points vs. actual spline points
The documentation and function calls all involve adding control points, but in Catmull-Rom the control points and the spline points that the curve passes through (frequently called 'knots') are separate and normally not collocated.  Mixing the meaning of the two can cause weirdness like kinks and twists, and it looks from the demos and the API like maybe that distinction is not made clear.

It would be good if you could add knots OR control points to the spline (control points are derivable from two/three knots), because although control points are maybe easier from a calculation point of view, the knots themselves are the points through which you expect the spline to travel.
All the supported spline types have their curves go through the Control Points, so in Curvy there is no actual need to differentiate between CPs and knots, and I guess renaming CPs would confuse a lot more people...

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