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Smoothly connecting to Linear spline
Hi there,

I am trying to connect a Catmull Rom (or Bezier) to a Linear spline. Each has the follow-up set correctly.

Is there a way to align the Catmull Rom connection to the Linear so the connection is smooth? I am doing this in code not in the editor if that matters.

[Image: 2023-12-23-05-41-45-Working-Title-2-Main...1-DX11.png]

Thank you and Happy Christmas and 2024 from Australia (currently 35 deg C argh)

This is easily done with Bezier spline: just set the last CP's bezier handles so that the in-handle is on the same line than the linear spline.
For Catmull Rom splines, there might be a clear formula to achieve that, but I am unaware of it. The idea would be to set the Auto End Tangents settings of the spline to false, and then place the last CP to some position that gives the proper result.
I hope this helped.
Have a nice day
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