Poll: Which package shipping options do you prefer?
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Plain Source (Keep as is), DLL isn't interesting
2 22.22%
Plain Source & DLL.unitypackage included (user action needed to use DLL)
3 33.33%
DLL & source.unitypackage included (user action needed to use source)
3 33.33%
DLL only, source by request only
1 11.11%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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POLL: Ship as DLL?
With Curvy 2.0 the project (files and overall size) grows noticeable. So I'm considering to bundle most Curvy files (i.e. the core Curvy, except examples etc...) into a DLL. Benefits would be:
  • package imports much faster
  • cleaner project (only a few folders and files)
  • faster overall compiling time
We would still make the sourcecode available, but there are several options I'd like you to vote on.

Edit: "User action needed" means that the user has to delete one folder (either source or DLL) and open an included unitypackage containing the other option.

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