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Removal of control point causes render issue
Hi -

I used the shipped Playmaker sample "pmDynamicSpline". I modified it to use touch and the mesh renderer. However I noticed an issue. I then went back to the shipped sample as-is and it has the same issue:

If you rapidly add control points/segments in the example, you will see a strange rendering issue when the passed segment is removed. It briefly renders a line between the start of the spline and the end of the spline. You can see this in the example scene. Rapidly click around to add segments and watch the flicker of a line occuring between the start and the end.

This is extremely noticable when I moved to touch controls since you're adding many more points with a touch movement.

This happens when using either the GLCurveyRenderer or the mesh renderer.

If I didn't manage to explain this properly, I can try record a video.

Is this some setting I can adjust or do you have insights as to what can cause this?


I'll look into this as soon as I'm back from my 2 weeks vacation. But I'm sure we'll get this sorted.
I see this as well.  It looks like there's an off-by-one bug for one frame or something of that nature.
Did some tests and can confirm this bug, though it only happens with fairly long splines. Without starting a heavy debug session I would guess it's a problem with timing and Behaviour calling orders, so a fix won't be that easy.

I tested it again with the current dev build of Curvy 2.0 and fortunately the bug was gone. For 2.0 I rewrote CP handing to become independent of hierarchy order I think this fixed the issue.

Core parts of the Dev-Build should be stable, so you might want to use this instead for your project. Please send me a mail to jake<at> (please include your order number) and I'll send you the latest dev build together with a modified custom actions package.

In alternative, you might want to participate here if you're interested.

Best regards,


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