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Render dynamically created spline
Hi - Just bought Curvy and it may be the secret sauce to my game Wink

I have a question on rendering a spline I create dynamically. Basically, a player can select a "monster" object and then draw a spline for the monster to follow. I have it working in that the monster will follow the spline. However, how do I render the path so that visually the user can see the spline the monster will follow?

I see on the camera script there is a GLCurvyRenderer script, but can I dynamically add and remove splines to the renderer, and if so how? Or is there a better way of doing this than trying to use the renderer on the camera?

I am using Playmaker for what its worth, but if you have code samples/suggestions perhaps I can replicate it in playmaker.

Thanks in advance



Hi Chris,

GLCurvyRenderer is a quick hack for debug visualization, it's highly inefficient as it rasterizes the path every frame. For short splines the performance is ok, but be warned that it renders above anything (i.e. acts like a 2D overlay). You should be able to dynamically add splines to the array using Playmaker. Another option would be a SplinePathMeshBuilder component with a rectangle shape.

A more sophisticated way will be available with the next major release. Hopefully it will be available around christmas, but don't count me on that.
Hi Jake -

Thanks for the speedy reply. I didn't know about the SplinePathMeshBuilder option but I've investigated it and it looks like it will work! Is this a more efficient option than the GLCurvyRenderer?

Yes and no. Refreshing takes longer, but unlike GLSplineRenderer it refreshs only if the spline or Mesh settings change. 

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