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How could I manually set the bound?
I generated the gameObjects by Curvy Generator. It automatically set the bound of each object but it's not what I want. 
Could I set the bound manually? I try to tweak the "Space Before" and "Space after" but it's still not correct.
When using a Volume Spots module, the bounds of a gameobject is defined as the bounding box englobing the meshes and colliders of the input gameobject and its children. The code is defined in CGGameObject.RecalculateBounds(). I see the following solutions:
- You can for example modify that code to put any custom logic.
- You can also, without any code modification, add to your gameobject a child collider/invisible mesh (mesh with no renderer). That way the existing code will consider the object bigger than it visibly is.
I hope this helped.
Have a nice day
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