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Best practice for controllers slowing down/speeding up along the spline
Hello all!

I'm trying to build a race circuit viewed from the top, with cars (as dots) moving along the path, like this:

[Image: MNzqBpo.png]

To be somewhat credible, I don't want the cars to have uniform speed, as they should slow down at the entry of a turn, and speed up at the exit. I just need something simple however.

What would be the best way to achieve that? I was thinking maybe setting up multiple "slowdown" / "speedup" events along the path? In that case, could I pass along something like an AnimatedCurve as a parameter, to better control the change of speed, or am I limited to bool/float/string?

Thank you, cheers!
I see few ways of doing it:
  1. The one you suggested, using custom events: These events are implemented using regular Unity. I can't try it for now yo be sure (I am on vacation), but try making a public method that takes an AnimationCurve, and see if the event can call it)
  2. Automatic speed variation based on the tangent variation: Change the speed of the controller based on the curvature of the track. You can compute it by computing the delta between the spline tangent at a specific point vs at a point slightly before.
  3. Using MetaData. Scene 01_MetaData shows how a controller has a height variation using meta data. You can do something similar to modify the speed.
    I hope this helped. Have a nice day
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