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Combining two separate meshes
I'm trying to use Curvy to implement the rendering side of a node system, say we have two nodes next to each other (like the pictures), now I want to connect those two nodes on one or more sides of the hexagons. Easy solution would be to just snap the spline points to the edge of hexagon (on both of them), but I'm trying to see if it's possible to connect those two meshes and basically create a unified mesh.

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The Spline to Mesh tool uses LibTessDotNet library to tesselate spline. When you use the tool with intersecting splines, it generates a hole at the intersecting area:
So to achieve what you need, there are two ways I see:
  1. Generate two meshes, one for each spline, and combine them using any mesh combining solution.
  2. Modify LibTessDotNet: LibTessDotNet  should be used such as it generates merged meshes. I looked at its code and examples, and it does not seem to me that it is implemented in that library. Except if I overlooked something (I might), the solution seems to modify LibTessDotNet to add this capability. Unfortunately this is not something I will be working on for now. So a solution would be to, if you don't have the skills to implement such modification, to open a ticket at LibTessDotNet's repository asking for this feature.
I hope this helped
Have a nice day
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Alright thank you!

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