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3D Platformer Rail Grind
Hi, I can't seem to find an example scene or post that goes through this specifically but I would like to use Curvy Splines for a free-roam 3D platformer rail grind. In games like Fortnite or Sunset Overdrive the player can roam freely around and jump on/off rails placed around the world. Would you be able to add an example scene or perhaps give a short breakdown of the steps to get a similar result?

There is no such scene for now.
One way I would implement the free-roam rail is by having two controllers for the player, one regular 3d platformer controller, and a Spline Controller. Then have a logic that switches between the two under certain conditions (player distance from the nearest rail is less than a threshold, button press, ...)
To deactivate the Spline Controlller, just disable the component the regular way (enabled = false).

You may want to have both aspects of movement in the same controller, by coding a custom controller using Curvy Splines' API to get the relevant data from the splnes.

If you are interested, I am available for contract work to implement such solutions.

I hope this helped.
Have a nice day
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