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Is there a way to extrude a bit past a spline segment?
I saw in another forum post that you'd prefer multiple threads if possible, so I'm making this one. 

Basically I'm trying to extrude a shape along a spline but with a bit of padding on each side. However instead of the padding being inwards, I'd have it go outwards. 
This is so that I can have the shape account collisions a bit better.

I tried end caps, but those don't allow me to place meshes at each end point (what I also needed for each tower). They just seal off the shape.

I'm trying to find a way to cap off my collision mesh to have some sort of padding or alternative mesh shape like the image below.

This image shows what I'm talking about. The top image is the default behavior, the bottom is what I'm aiming for.

I may try writing a custom module that can spawn spots at each control point, however I honestly think some sort of native implementation would be great. I feel like its something a lot of people would love to have, especially in in-game editors. 

Also I'm aware the control points are just objects and I can write my own system that pools the colliders I needs and places them. However I heavily feel this is a task the generator could make so much easier for us.
Thank you for the separate thread, indeed I do prefer that, it makes it easier for other people having similar issues to find the solution.

There are multiple ways of doing what you need:
- Use the Input Transform Spots to define spots that are always situated where the first and last CPs are, or
- Putting a Path/Spline controller on your objects, and setting their relative positions to 0 or 1, or
- Using the API to place them

I hope this helped
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