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Can you move generated objects along spline?
Hi, Im an artist, new here and trying to do this without a programmer.

I'm trying to set up a lot of crates travelling along a conveyer belt (a lot of objects along a spline).
First attempt was done successfully by making a spline, adding a crate prefab with a spline controller and setting its path/speed and off it goes. This only works with one object but I want a load of crates on the conveyer without having to individually 'offset' its position. (followed the spaceship tutorial)
My second attempt: Ive set up a spline with a spot generator, that allows me to have unlimited crates however I cant for the life of me figure out how I get the generator objects to travel along the spline they're parented to. (followed the asteroid belt tutorial)

Thanks for your help

In the asteroid example, to make the asteroids move, you can modify:
Raterize Path modules' Range property
Voume Spots module's Range property

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