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"Deadloop in CurvySPline.Refresh" spam
Hi, I would have used the in-engine bug report as requested in the forum post but it's not obvious to me where that option is, so i'm posting here instead.
I have a fairly simple set up of a single 3 point spline sweep, tapering at the end. The goal is to use this as a mouse directional indicator from a digital card source for deployment, etc.
However when I move the control points in a script, my console is spammed with the following:

"[Curvy] Deadloop in CurvySpline.Refresh! Please raise a bugreport!"

using I believe curvy 8.
Happy to provide any further information necessary if instructions are given on how to provide it.

  1. Can you send me a minimal reproduction case?
  2. What version of Unity do you use?
  3. What exact version of Curvy Splines do you use?

FYI, the bug report tool and the exact curvy version are available under the Curvy Options button in the curvy toolbar:

Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.
Hello, here are additional details, thanks for your time. Sorry for the very long delay.
Unity 2022.1.5f1
Curvy: 8.6.1

Goal is to create an arc that is anchored in place with the tip following the mouse.
Steps to recreate:
Create a generator
Create a spline with 3 control points
Raise the central point a comfortable distance above the others.
Set the spline type to B-Spline (the issue does not appear with other spline types I have learned today)
Create a rectangle shape
Bring the rectangle and spline into the generator graph
Create a shape extrusion, volume mesh and create mesh node
Hook up the nodes to generate an arc of the rectangle shape sweeping the 3-point spline
Add logic to move the points in update
Observe console warnings when the points move.

At this time I can work with bezier splines for my purposes but access to dynamic B splines without the warning / issue would be ideal.
No need to apologize for the delay.
I tried reproducing the issue but couldn't. I attached a scene with my attempt. Can you modify it so that it reproduces the issue?
Thanks and have a nice day

Attached Files
.unity   Valkymaera-BSpline.unity (Size: 54.83 KB / Downloads: 0)
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.

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