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Manually controlling scale of each CP

I've searched around the forum and found references to building your own modules to do this, but I'm in a little over my head to be honest so I'm not totally sure what to do.

Basically I want the Shape Extrusion module to use each Control Point's transform scale to set the scale of the mesh at that point in the path. I'm not sure where exactly I'm supposed to be creating this extra module or what to fill it with (still getting to grips with the system) - is this something that is doable now by default or does it still need a custom implementation?

Cheers! Love the asset by the way, it works so smoothly so far!


I have a sort of workable solution where I have made a subclass of the Shape Extrusion module and overridden the ScalingModule's `GetScale` method to then go through each control point, get their scale, and re-write the scaling curve with the results. However, to get this to work I had to edit some of the plugin's source code to expose variables etc that otherwise would not have been accessible or overridable - I assume there is a better way to do this without rewriting any asset code? I also had to edit the plugin to force a refresh when the scale of a Control Point is changed, as currently it was only triggered by the cached position or rotation changing.
The idea is to do what you did, but without editing the code of Shape Extrusion. You can instead create a script that takes a reference to a Shape Extrusion module as a a parameter. Then the script would update the value of Shape Extrusion's scaling curve (module.ScaleMultiplierX) , and call the generator's Refresh method (module.Generator.Refresh(true)).
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